# Acquiring the emulator

The only version of Project64 allowed on the leaderboards is 1.6. All other versions (such as 1.7 or 2.x) are banned. The leaderboards also permit usage of Mupen64Plus and OpenEmu, providing native emulation options for Linux and Mac users respectively. This guide focuses on setting up Project64 1.6 specifically.

# Download

To speed up the configuration process, there's a prebuilt package available with the emulator and the best plugins. Extract the archive into any location you want, then follow the next sections in the guide.

Last updated on 2022-10-16.

Mirror 1 (Dropbox)
Mirror 2 (GDrive)

# Manual setup

If you want to set up the emulator manually, you can also download Project64 1.6 directly from Jabosoft, along with a patch updating the default Jabo plugins for better compatibility. Run the 1.6 installer first, then apply the 1.6.1 patch by either running the installer or by copying the plugins to the Plugin folder in case of the .zip version.